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Manufacturing Company in Indonesia

By administrator | May 26, 2021 | Misc Industry.

Manufacturing company is a company engaged in assembling raw materials to be made into certain products. After that, the product will be marketed to the public. In Indonesia, we often hear the word “factory” or in English it is called “factory”. Factory is a term for the place used for the manufacturing or fabrication.


Asia Pacific Fibers Record Revenue Increase

By administrator | May 22, 2021 | Misc Industry.

PT Asia Pacific Fibers Tbk (POLY) achieved total revenue of US$ 88.64 million in the first quarter of 2021. This figure is divided into net income of US$ 87.67 million and other operating revenues of US$ 967,738. The total value of POLY’s revenue was 1.38% (yoy) higher than the realization in the first quarter of.


SRIL Generalized System of Preferences Facilities

By administrator | November 11, 2020 | Misc Industry.

SRIL Generalized System of Preferences Facilities. Indonesia has just officially received an extension of the generalized system of preferences (GSP) facility from the United States (US). This decision was taken by the country of Uncle Sam through the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on Saturday.


Astra International Interim Dividend

By administrator | September 30, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Astra International Interim Dividend. As well as Astra International Tbk (ASII) will distribute an interim dividend for the 2020 financial year. This automotive issuer will distribute an interim dividend of Rp 27 per share. Based on the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Wednesday.


Astra International Car Sales Increase 108%

By administrator | August 15, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Astra International Car Sales Increase 108%. Car sales performance under the auspices of Astra International Tbk (ASII IJ). For July 2020 period is still on an upward path compare to previous month. Sales figure manage to increase significantly more than 100% on a monthly.


Sritex New Market Share

By administrator | August 11, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Sritex New Market Share. An Indonesia base company primarily engage in the integrate textile and apparel industry. Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk (SRIL IJ) state that it will increase sales. Of personal protective equipment (PPE) products abroad. After the export doors have been open since June.


Selamat Sempurna Dividend IDR 339.76 Billion

By administrator | July 28, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Selamat Sempurna Dividend IDR 339.76 Billion. The automotive component issuer, Selamat Sempurna Tbk (SMSM). It will distribute cash dividends of IDR 339.76 billion or IDR 59 per share. The plan has secure an agreement at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS). Citing the disclosure of information from SMSM. An interim dividend of IDR 10.


Astra International Market Capitalization Significant Growth

By administrator | May 28, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Astra International Market Capitalization Significant Growth. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) was corrected throughout May 2020. JCI experienced a weakening from 4,716.43 at the end of April 2020 to 4,641.55 on Wednesday (05/27) or equivalent to 1.59%. The decline in the JCI was follow by a decrease in the market capitalization of large stocks. Among the.


Pandemic Impact on KMI Wire

By administrator | May 27, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Pandemic Impact on KMI Wire. Issuers engage in the manufacturing sector have also been affect by the Corona outbreak (Covid-19). As experience by KMI Wire & Cable Tbk (KBLI IJ). Launching information disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) website. The Covid-19 virus has an impact on the shutdown of some of the cable issuer’s.


Miscellaneous Industry Production Utilities

By administrator | April 29, 2020 | Misc Industry.

Miscellaneous Industry Production Utilities. Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on businesses in Indonesia, including miscellaneous industry sectors. Several affected miscellaneous industry sectors, among others, are the musical instrument industry, the sports equipment industry, and the stationery industry which is now making adjustments to its.

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